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The Edgerunners were a special group of Winged Elves, who could date back to the days when the ancient gods became less and less worshiped by mortal beings. When a god lost all its divine power due to the lack of worship, it would be banished from the divine realm and into a so-called Endless Void. They were neither gods or mortals, and thus they were addressed as the Fallen Deities, or in the more mundane version, the ``Devils``. According to legend, the Endless Void is a realm that even Pan Gu himself wouldn't dare to tread. Even so, some of the believers of those Fallen Deities would follow their gods into the Endless Void, and was granted partially the power of their Devils, so they became demons.

  • Able to change their attack damage between physical damage or any element
  • Gender-locked (male only)

Edgerunner can fare in PvE well both solo and in a party. Many of their attacks like Distant Cloud will deal direct damage in addition to stunning their targets. They have many combinations of skills in their arsenal so they make very quick work of mobs as they continue their quests. Their skill Slash of Pride is invaluable for taking on large groups of enemy combatants.

Crowd control is the name of the game for a Edgerunner. Making sure to stun their targets and blinking away to a safe distance will help turn the tides of war. They will fare very well in squads containing tanks and Blademasters as their debuffs compliment the direct damage of some of the spongier classes.

In Territory Wars, they are very helpful in making Barbarians lose their catapults. Shadow Prey being one of their paramount skills. Their Moon Chant skill will buff all members in their squad for 30 minutes and cannot be purged which is very good support for that critical damage reduction.