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The Venomancer is a pet taming class that specializes in debuffs and control. Also known as a solo class, Venomancers have their own pet that works as their personal tank or damage dealer. Venomancers have the ability to turn themselves into foxes, which increases their physical defense, their accuracy and gives them access to a separate set of skills. They have a fair amount of control skills and a wide variety of debuff skills that include: lowering a target's physical or magical defense, stealing a target's chi, amplifying the damage a target receives, lowering a target's maximum HP, decreasing a target's accuracy, purging the target's positive buffs and many more.

  • Able to solo many bosses
  • Deals both magical and physical damage
  • Many debuff skills
  • Increased physical defense and accuracy in Fox Form
  • Versatile squad role in both PvE and PvP
  • Variety of viable builds
  • Fast movement speed
  • Low HP
  • Expensive class to play if Legendary Pets are pursued
  • Weaker magic attack skills compared to other magic classes
  • Weaker physical attack skills compared to other physical classes
  • Can be time consuming to level Pets
  • Gender restricted

Venomancers can be the cheapest class to play in PvE. This is due to the relatively low mana cost of their skills and their sustain skills to recover their HP and mana. Furthermore, as a Venomancer’s pet will usually be taking the damage, armor repair costs will be low. Because of this, and despite their relatively high time investment for training pets, Venomancers are thought of as one of the best farming classes in Perfect World.

Venomancers are a decent solo class in PvP, but they truly shine in group PvP where they can support their team. The basic PvP routine of a Venomancer is to purge enemy buffs, weaken them using debuff skills, use control skills to immobilize them when necessary and lastly assist the team with attack skills. In PvP, pets are used for stuns and other utilities, but aren’t meant to be relied upon since enemy players can kill pets easily.

A Venomancer’s role in Territory Wars is similar to regular PvP. They focus on purging enemy player buffs and using their variety of debuffs to weaken targets so their team can deliver kills. These wars are usually large scale PvP and there is an increased need for crowd control, therefore skills like Parasitic Nova and Primal Malefic Crush become essential in helping the team immobilize or interrupt large groups of players. It’s important to coordinate with the team so the Venomancer can use their area-of-effect attacks and debuffs in tandem with other classes’ skills.