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January 2020

War Avatar Cards S+ You can purchase War Avatar Cards S+ Directly from Vote shop or Donate Shop Using V-Gold from Votes or D-Gold from Donations. Light Emperor Alexander Purchasing from the Boutique under Craft Section. Frost Emperor Eldros Purchasing from the Boutique under Craft Section. Ying Siga Purchasing from the Boutique under Craft

Twilight Warsoul / G17 To obtain this gear, you must first obtain R9R4 Gear Set by following this guide https://pwi.orizon-gaming.com/index.php/2020/01/31/r9-gear-set/ After you have Obtained R9R4 Gears you can now upgrade it at Twilight Legacy Cauldron  (523, 658) in the West District of Archosaur by using  the items listed below.    Engraved Ring of Twilight can be obtained

Rank 8 Rank 8 is unlocked as soon as you enter game due to Premium Starter Pack, All you need to do is talk to the Commander-in-chief in South-West Archosaur (522, 626) to recieve Rank 8 Ring, thus unlocking the gear pieces. At rank 8, the player can purchase a chest piece, leggings, boots, wrists,

  Rank 9  To obtain this gear, you must first take the Rank 9-Ring of Trauma quest from Commander-in-Chief (129, 855) in the City of a Thousand Streams. Now you can exchange Medals of Glory and General Summer's Tokens with the Commander-in-Chief for the rest of the Gear pieces.  Medal of Glory can be obtained by: Purchase

Starting: After you chose your class you will spawn in the Starter Area named West city (Archosaur). With 300k Reputation and Demon Skills learned automatically. Now the first thing you must do is open your bag and activate Item Geographic Map which will allow you to teleport anywhere on the map using  Teleport Stones. Items