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This patch is focused only on r9 here is a list of changes applied to R9Gear

  • Added R9 stage 1 items to vote shop.
  • Applied a blance patch to nirvana bosses so drops are more equal for R9 Stage 2 Gear.
  • Added new quest to warsong which will giove extra Basic badge for slaying last boss. Vile. The incenerate. This will make R9 Stage 3 farming easier.
  • Lunar will now drop 2 Essence of Defense badges instead of 1. This will make R9 Stage 3 farming easier.
  • Made weapon molds and Essence of Offense untradeable.
  • Added R9 Stage 4 Items on Vote shop.
  • All Items nesesary to craft R9 Gear for all Stages can now be bought on Donate Shop.
  • R9 Quest is now repeateable, meaning you can have more than 1 r9 gear set for diferent builds.
  • R9 Guide on Guide Section here on website has been updated!
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