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Starting: After you chose your class you will spawn in the Starter Area named Celestial Vale. With Free Premium Starter Pack already equipted in your character. Now the first thing you must do is open your bag and activate Item Geographic Map which will allow you to teleport to Main world using the Teleport

Rank 8 Rank 8 is unlocked as soon as you enter game due to Premium Starter Pack, All you need to do is talk to the Commander-in-chief in South-West Archosaur (522, 626) to recieve Rank 8 Ring, thus unlocking the gear pieces. At rank 8, the player can purchase a chest piece, leggings, boots, wrists,

This gear is different than other rank gear in that you need more than just the required level and reputation to obtain each piece. It is also significantly more powerful. There is a total of Four upgrades available for rank 9 gear, all being more powerful with each upgrade. Rank 9  To obtain this gear,