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The Technician is an exclusively-female ranged Human class. They typically stay behind the frontline, shooting enemies from a distance using their cannon-like firearms. Technicians also have various traps at their disposal that they can set down for enemies that come too close. Technicians are high damage dealers and are very mobile.

  • High Critical Hit Rate, Accuracy, and Evasion
  • Does not require ammo like archers
  • Does not have an attack penalty when at close range
  • Great AoE potential
  • Able to break out of any Crowd Control
  • Able to deal fire elemental damage
  • High mobility
  • Gender-locked (female only)
  • Traps can only be set at the caster’s location
  • Traps can unintentionally aggro monsters in the area
  • Low Defense
  • Low on Crowd Control
  • Unable to use Jones’ Blessing (may change in the future)

The Technician’s main role in PvE is damage dealing. They deal physical damage or a mix of physical and fire damage. They have great AoE skills and are one of the highest Damage-Per-Second (DPS) classes. They are also great debuffers. Using one of the close-range AoE traps can increase damage taken on mobs, and should be used to debuff bosses in all dungeons. The debuff has its own unique icon, allowing it to stack with other damage increasing debuffs such as a blademaster’s Heaven’s Flame skill.

Technicians also have an AoE skill that reduces an enemy’s physical defense at no chi cost and can be spammed. They also have an AoE skill that reduces fire defense which can help wizards. In late-game, a technician can choose to embed glyphs into some of their own skills to deal fire damage rather than physical damage. This allows them to use Fire Combos which do massive damage if combined with a seeker’s Soul Shatter which only applies to PvE, and the genie skill “Spark” which applies in both PvE and PvP.

If a technician needs extra AoE skills, they can choose to glyph their AoE skills with an Argent Glyph, allowing them to use each skill twice in a row.

The main role as a Technician in PvP is damage dealing, both single target and AoE.

Like wizards, technicians can pull off a “Fire Combo” if they use the correct glyphs, allowing them to do massive fire damage to their targets. This is usually done in combination with the genie skill “Spark”, however “Spark” is not an AoE skill and is more used to take down a specific target.

Technicians can also partially work as support by setting various traps in forms of AoE debuffs that can control crowds, increase damage taken, or reveal stealthed players, including assassins using their ultimate skill which cannot usually be detected. They are also able to “shoot” one of their teammates, launching them in the air and forward. The teammate is unable to be stunned or immobilized during the launch. This can be used to engage the enemy or save a teammate to get them out of danger. However, if used incorrectly, you could also put your teammate in a dangerous situation, so it should be used with caution.

If disarmed, a technician’s skill set will be limited during the disarm’s duration. They have no access to any of their long-range damage skills nor their leap, but can still use traps, break out of crowd controls, and use their movement speed skill.