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The Stormbringer is the only magic class that can cast skills while moving. With a vast variety of skills, they use their arsenal of metal skills to inflict direct damage and DoT, and water skills especially to slow their targets. Reaper Form can assist you in battle, cause increases both speed and physical defense. Also, Stormbringers have three Transcendant skills, but two need only one spark. The other one needs two sparks and have different effects based on the number of ice/thunder charges you have.

  • High damage
  • High magic defense
  • Can cast skills while moving
  • Fast channeling and casting rate
  • Damage dealer
  • Speed skill and transformation skill that increases speed and physical defense
  • Low physical defense
  • Low HP
  • Slow movement speed
  • Only some skills can be used while moving

Stormbringers can more than hold their own when setting out in the world of PWI. Because they have the ability to cast spells while in motion, they are able to kite mobs of higher levels and pick them off with ease while suffering relatively low damage. A good set of skills to keep in mind when doing so are using Downburst, Cloudburst and Ice bullet. In addition their Thunderstrike ability is a great and effective AoE that will deal additional damage when encountering enemies with lower HP. Towards the higher levels you will learn the Lunar Shadow skill which essentially allows you to create a mirror image of yourself that has a heal, stun debuff and AoE.

Stormbringers in PvP can be really nasty with their debuffs and AoEs. Able to take on multiple enemies at once, a Stormbringer is mostly seen in the back of groups waiting for the tanks to draw most of their fire so they can cast their spells from distance. Their ability to move while casting also allows them to skirt out of damages way when attempting to provide support.

In Territory Wars, The Stormbringer focuses on Crowd control using their water skills to slow their targets, and metal to cast direct damage. In many cases Stormbringers can quickly bring down the ranged casters and then focus their efforts on the Barbarians making them important at catapult prevention.